Welcome to the "pit lane" of the Joy-Car. Here you can orientate yourself and choose a programming language for your Joy-Car.

If you have not yet assembled your Joy-Car, you will find instructions in our download area, which will guide you through the assembly of your Joy-Car.

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A fresh start (MakeCode)



You have only little programming experience so far? Then MakeCode is the perfect start to familiarize yourself with the Joy-Car. With MakeCode you can assemble colored blocks that represent the functionalities of the Joy-Car without writing a single line of code. And yet, this system introduces you to programming and prepares you for practical programming. With MakeCode, for example, it can be child's play to make the Joy-Car drive and stop as soon as an obstacle is detected.

You can access the development environment here: https://makecode.microbit.org

Alternatively you can also use the desktop version of MakeCode.

You can find these for free at MakeCode for micro:bit in the Microsoft Store.


I start with MakeCode!

Got experience? (MicroPython)

MicroPython is an implementation based on the Python 3 language. It was written in the C programming language and is optimized for use on microcontrollers, such as the micro:bit. Users who are already familiar with the basics of software programming can start directly with this variant. Without previous experience in programming, however, it is recommended to start with the Make:Code variant from the previous chapter.

MicroPython can be compiled with the Mu Editor. This editor is primarily aimed at beginners in text-based programming languages and is therefore particularly easy to use.

The editor can be downloaded here: https://codewith.mu/en/download


I start with MicroPython!

No time?

You are in a hurry and want to try out your joy-car directly without needing to program it first? No problem! Here you can find some demo programs we have prepared for you.