The autonomous education robot

The autonomous education robot based on micro:bit

The Joy-Car is an autonomous education robot based on micro:bit and offers a modular robotics learning kit. With the help of the detailed manual, all assemblies and their functions as a whole machine are explained, as well as details of programming and codes. Sensors such as line tracking, ultrasonic, infrared and wheel speed sensors enable functions like autonomous driving and even control via BT using a second, separate micro:bit. The additional equipment simulates turn signals, lights, reversing light and horn, thus rounding off the experience of an autonomous robot car. By using addressable LEDs, individual lighting scenarios can also be realized.

  • All-In-One Set with detailed instructions
  • Ideal for use in schools and education
  • Extensive assembly instructions
  • Easy programming for beginners
  • Code instructions for advanced users
  • Simulate real car functions
  • Versatile sensors
  • Programming individually adaptable
  • Additional mainboard pin header for own extensions
  • Optional remote control possibility


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