MicroPython ADC_Read

The supply voltage can be read out via the internal analog-digital converter of the micro:bit. This could be used to integrate a voltage monitor or a battery warning. The function supplyVoltage() takes over the readout from the ADC converter. It expects no transfer parameters and returns a single variable as return value. This variable contains the measured voltage.

# Import of the micro:bit module
from microbit import *

# Variables needed for conversion
uref = 0.00322265625 # 3,3 V / 1024 (max. voltage at ADC-Pin / ADC Resolution)
uratio = 2.7857142 # (10 kOhm + 5,6 kOhm) / 5,6 kOhm [(R1 + R2) / R2, Voltage divider ratio]

def supplyVoltage():
    adcvoltage = pin2.read_analog() # Reading the ADC value
    voltaged = uref * adcvoltage # Convert ADC value to Volt
    voltagep = voltaged * uratio # Multiply the measured voltage by the voltage divider ratio to calculate the actual voltage
    return voltagep # returns the variable voltagep

# Demo-Loop
while True:
    sup_volt = supplyVoltage() # executes the function supplyVoltage and stores the return value in sup_volt
    print("Input voltage = " + str(sup_volt) + " V") # Outputs the value from sup_volt formatted with text


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