MakeCode JoyCar Lighting

The four LED modules, i.e. the headlights of the Joy-Car, can be controlled in this category. So you can control the front headlights, activate turn signals and brake lights and find even more functions here.


With this you control the headlights. A white light is activated at the front and a red light at the back.

Turn signal

Check the turn signal for one side (left/right) of the joy car. The front and rear headlights on the selected side start flashing yellow.

Hazard lights

This controls the warning light. All lights will start flashing yellow.

Brake light

This controls a brighter, red light on the rear headlights of your Joy-Car.

Reverse light

Use this to check the reversing light. This makes a white light shine on the rear headlights.

Lighting - Example 1

In the following example, the light functions are run through one after the other. The function of the code is identical to the code from motors - example 1. In this code, the variable counter is used to define the duration of each mode. (mode: 0 = light on; 1 = left turn blinker; 2 = stop light; 3 = hazard lights; 4 = reverse light)



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